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8 Common Problems And Maintenance Methods In Sound Engineering
Jul 10, 2018

1. Problem of signal distribution: in the case of several sets of speakers in the sound field, one equalizer is often used to distribute the signal to multiple power amplifiers to push the sound box. But at the same time, it may be a different brand model of amplifier and speakers in such allocation signal caused a lot of problems, whether the impedance matching, whether the equilibrium level distribution, obtained the power amp is normal, and with a balanced is very difficult to adjust frequency characteristics of sound field and speakers.

2. Graphic equalizer frequency adjustment problems: common have the swallow type mountain type wave type three kind of spectrum of wave shape, above waveform are tuner people imagine graphics, it's not the waveform of acoustic field actual needs, we know that the ideal sound field frequency characteristic curve should be relatively flat, if human by the imagination to adjust sound field frequency characteristic curve, you can imagine as a result, the backfire.

3. Adjustment problem of pressure limiter: it is common that decoration does not work at all and overdoes the opposite effect. The former can be used freely, while the latter will seriously affect the dynamics of the system, showing that the sound cannot be produced, and the obvious manifestation is that the stronger the accompaniment, the human voice will naturally weaken and the singer will be at a loss.

4. System level problem: first, the amplifier sensitivity control switch is not open enough, and second, the system has not made zero level adjustment. Sometimes the channel of the tuning table pushes a little bit of output already very large, this situation will affect the system dynamics and distortion degree.

5. Bass signal processing: the first kind of full-frequency signal directly pushes the amplifier sound box without electronic frequency division; The second one is not sure where to extract the bass signal from the system for processing. If do not do electron frequency division to use full frequency signal to power amplifier to push sound box directly although sound box has sound also unapt to burn out unit, but its low unit sends full frequency sound conceivable; However, if the signal is not properly located in the system, it will bring unnecessary trouble to the field control.

6. Effect loop processing: the postset signal of the pusher should be taken to avoid the microphone scream caused by uncontrolled effect, and the return condition should occupy the whole channel, so that debugging is more convenient.

7. Line connection process: common sound much interference system communication is wiring process was not well done, there is balance and balance is not balanced and unbalanced turns connection must be in accordance with the standard connection. In addition, do not use inferior plugins.

8. Control problem: mixer is the control center of the system, sometimes tuning stage including EQ is balanced with the equivalent attenuation is greatly promoted or system is not good, need to debug the system, don't adjust the mixer of EQ.

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