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Attention To Sound Engineering
Jul 10, 2018

Formed a set of professional work, quality standard of the sound system is not easy, whether it is a large stage in sound system or system of the small KTV private rooms, all need professional audio engineers to objective analysis of the actual situation of sound engineering, make a feasibility plan.

As a result, some practical problems and solutions are summarized.

1. Pay attention to the zero level adjustment of the sound system, and turn on the amplifier sensitivity controller, which is conducive to the normal performance of the tuning platform, so as to avoid distortion of the sound system. In a word, the sound system is an interlocking system, which requires the joint assistance of various equipment to give full play to the quality of sound.

2. Do not use inferior connector and wire material when lacking. No matter how good the sound equipment is, it must have high quality wire to give full play. Rough wire and connector will only create interference noise and affect system balance.

3. Signal distribution problem. It is best to use the same brand of audio, power amplifier and peripheral equipment, which is conducive to impedance matching, level distribution balance, with an equalizer can adjust the frequency characteristics of sound field and sound box.

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