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Attention To The Power Amplifier And Speakers When Used Together And Easy To Cause Faults
Jul 10, 2018

In professional audio technical engineering, special power amplifier and professional sound box should be used together with attention and troubleshooting:

1. Power matching

In general amplifier power should be greater than the power of the speakers, amplifier power than normal speakers power more than 30 percent, if push high-power speaker, with a small power amplifier power amplifier to overload, will produce harmful to the speaker's current, speaker unit at this time is very easy to damage.

2. Impedance matching

Current professional power amplifier used in the professional audio system is generally determined resistance, general power amplifier in the 4 Ω - 8 Ω up at work, some sound engineer like a pa speakers for more than 2 only, at this time will pay attention to the impedance of the speaker, only more speakers shunt impedance will reduce, if less than 2 Ω that power amplifier is easy to damage, the approximation model is best not to use short circuit work.

3. power amplifier and sound box between the line connection

Power amplifier signal to try to balance it out with lines, if you have more than one power amplifier in the system, it is best to use the number to separate signal amplification distributor enough, no attenuation of signal supply each power amplifier used alone, which reduces system noise, reduce risk, improve signal-to-noise ratio. At the same time also need to pay attention to is the quality and sound box line connection, try to use more thick, short sound box line, connection must be pay attention to distinguish between the cathode and avoid short circuit, especially professional more than four core or quad amp plug, inside a few terminal is small, wiring when must pay attention to.

4. Switch behind the power amplifier

Sometimes there are many conversion switches behind the power amplifier, such as: single channel working mode, stereo working mode, bridge working mode; There is a level of adjustment switch, toggle switch signal frequency, such as size, it is important to note that when we use to see these switch, the power amplifier to adjust to correct or working condition, they want. It may cause unexpected failure.

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