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Different Classification Of Horn Units
Jul 10, 2018

High pitch unit: narrow Angle output, ear level is most suitable

The high-pitched unit is usually located at the top of the loudspeaker, and some of the ultra-high ground speakers have the opportunity to place the high-pitched unit in the middle. Such a position is mainly due to the low amplitudes of high-frequency sound waves, and the slight deviation from the direction pointed by the unit will attenuate greatly, so it is usually designed to be close to the ear level.

The most commonly used high-pitched unit is the ball-top high-pitched unit, which is also an electrodynamic unit in terms of working principle. The diaphragm of unwanted out-of-bandwidth harmonics can be made of metal materials (such as aluminum, titanium, beryllium, etc.), is called a hard ball, can also be made of soft fabric, such as silk, chemical fiber, known as soft ball, usually, high frequency response of the hard ball is better, and the sound of soft ball is downy.

In recent years, the belt type high and electrostatic high also got certain applications, their common advantage is diaphragm special light, and high frequency response, sound thin transparent, however, these two kinds of high production, such as easy, unwanted out-of-bandwidth harmonics and application is not very popular. Another horn tweeters, headed by the type of drive part and a trumpet-shaped horn, its characteristic is the sound directivity is strong, and high efficiency, and applied in the speaker in the field of professional speaker is common. There's also a coaxial unit, which is actually a combination of a bass unit and a high pitch unit.

Intermediate unit: responsible for the most important sound range, focusing on human voice performance

One of the more interesting aspects of the speaker unit is that it works relatively well within the range of moderate tones and is the main part of the speaker. The intermediate range is the main part of the sound information received by the human ear. So the characteristic is that the vibration speed is moderate, but the vibration amplitude is relatively large. Because of the main sound content, the caliber is relatively large. Horn vibrating film materials are usually pressed with lightweight fiber paper or fiber nonwoven fabric to reduce weight and can withstand relatively large air pressure at the appropriate speed.

If the speakers don't sound, the sound content is basically lost, the sound is small and the sound is not clear. High, medium and low unit exactly corresponds to the horn on high, medium and low placement above, including most of the instruments, such as piano, guitar, etc., in addition, the heaviest if most vocal also falls on the spectrum. Therefore, the human ear is most sensitive to the middle tone. Once there is less distortion and change of voice, it is easy to feel.

Most of the intermediate units adopt the design of cone disc. Not all loudspeakers have separate intermediate units. Most bookshelf speakers have a medium and low frequency output from a medium and low frequency unit, while satellite speakers are much more likely to have only one full frequency unit. Although the speakers in the home theater are mainly responsible for the sound, they may not have an independent medium unit.

Bass unit: volume is king, watching movies and listening to songs are important

Low frequencies are especially important for viewing movies, so much so that a single bass unit is pulled apart and turned into an ultra-low tone speaker. Works in a very low pitch range, but is also the maximum power bearing loudspeaker. The bass is the largest part of air vibration, and the tactile sense of air vibration can be more obvious. So the characteristic is that there is enough vibration amplitude to push the air to produce high field pressure (also called sound pressure).

Because the vibration amplitude is too large, the vibration film is usually light weight high strength fiber through the multilayer combination, guarantees the light weight and the rigid request. The bass has a weak sense of direction, so it is difficult for the human ear to distinguish the starting sound direction. Therefore, the placement of independent bass speakers is generally not required. But because there is enough pressure, bass can bring people move feeling, if you don't ring woofer, the sound sounds like the small old phonograph and the radio, the bass drum sounds like hitting table, the voice is not full.

In the normal three-way loudspeaker, what is often "matched" with the bass unit is the bass anti-perforation, which can increase the efficiency of the bass unit and make the bass output stronger. The low bass reflector is usually placed behind the horn, but there is also a front design so that the horn can be placed against the wall without affecting the low frequency performance.

Part of the loudspeaker design, the bass anti-perforation will be set in the front, the loudspeaker can be placed slightly close to the wall body will not affect the bass sound effect.

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