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Introduction To Relevant International Standards In The Field Of Audio And Video
Jul 10, 2018

International standards are essential for video conferences of all brands of all kinds to communicate with each other. The international committees of the IMTC and the ITU define these standards:

IMTC: the international multimedia teleconferencing consortium is a world-class organization that includes more than 150 companies and aims to define compatible, standards-based multimedia solutions.

ITU: the international telecommunication union (formerly known as CCITT: the international telecommunication advisory committee) is a branch of the United Nations, headquartered in Geneva. The itu-t defines the world telecommunications standard.

The main criteria defined by itu-t are:

H.320: based on link exchange network connections, such as ISDN

H.323: TCP/ ip-based packet switching networks (Ethernet, LAN)

H.324: based on analog (telephone) network connection. Such networks cannot provide the high-speed data transfer required for video meetings.

T.120: data transfer standards under the h. 320 standard there are many sub-standards that define the compatibility of audio and video.

Audio standard:

G.722: it gives a 7kHz audio signal that requires 64Kb/s. This standard guarantees good sound quality, but the disadvantage is that it requires a lot of bandwidth.

G.711: this standard gives 3.4kHz audio signals from 32 to 64Kb/s bandwidth

G.728:3.4kHz audio signal, as long as it is compiled on 16Kb/s.

Video standard:

H.261: the video encoding recommended by itu-t is output with P * 64Kb/s. P is between 1 and 32. This standard defines two criteria for animation quality: CIF: 352 lines x 288 pixels QCIF: 704 lines x 576 pixels

H.263: this is the standard recommended by itu-t for video encoding in accordance with h. 320. H.263 was originally designed for h.323 / h.324, and its coding quality is higher than that of h.261, which is especially suitable for poor line conditions.

Communication standards:

H.281: h. 320 connected camera remote control

H.282: h. 323 connected camera remote control

MCU standard:

H.243 defines the communication establishment process and the procedures for controlling the MCU

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