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Multifunctional Hall Sound Amplification System Noise Treatment
Jul 10, 2018

For multi-function hall amplification system, the main consideration is the language of sound transmission of clear can understand, music clear warm, is not affected by noise, at the same time also should guarantee the sound field under the condition of uniform width has excellent frequency response and the response of the minimal distortion. Therefore, the selection of speaker system is the most important.

Sound system of all signal is other than the purpose signal noise, but the signal and noise is relatively at the same time, complement each other, when the signal is not at the same time, will produce noise, but the noise is not necessarily the different. To remove noise from the amplifying system, let's first look at the relationship between ground and signal:

Ground and signal are commonly referred to as reference and subject matter. A signal ground is a reference point for a signal. A ground ground is usually connected to the earth, but in an amplifying system, it has nothing to do with the earth. It is set a reference in the system, grounding is indispensable, it seems simple, actually quite complicated, according to the role of different can be divided into two categories, functional grounding and protection. Functional grounding also includes the following four types.

(1) working grounding, grounding, also known as the system is to ensure the normal operation of the system, prevent the system oscillation and ensure the reliability of the equipment in the system, usually need to be in place to furnish a grounding, make the equipment run monomer on the basis of the area. For the 220V power supply, the ground line is to take the neutral point of the transformer.

(2) logical grounding, which is set to obtain stable reference potential, is also called the dc midpoint.

(3) shielding grounding, is to prevent the effects of electromagnetic induction to the system and installed in the ground, it is the most complex among all grounding, because both prevent interference with others at the same time, also prevent disturb others. The higher the interference frequency, the more dense the shielding metal network should be, otherwise it will not be effective.

(4) signal grounding is installed to ensure stable base potential, which is the reference material mentioned above.

In sound reinforcement system, through signal lines to the logical ground and signal grounding and shielding of the organic combination into an organic whole, make the system work in unity on the potential, should be emphasized here is that the signal input end of the same device and signal output terminal can not be together, before the level of output can only be connected to the level of input fields after, otherwise the signal may be caused by ground feedback floating. Of course, it is very difficult to completely eliminate noise, so we can only control or reduce the voltage of noise as much as possible, improve the signal-to-noise ratio of the system, and make noise free from interference

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