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The Main Technical Performance Of The Speaker Box
Jul 10, 2018

Speakers of internal due to more than speakers are adopted to replay, speakers, frequency divider, box body such as the quality of all played a decisive role on the performance of the speakers, due to the change of many factors, so its performance parameters and pure, the speaker has certain difference between speakers of the main technical performance generally have the following several.

1. Rated impedance

General by the impedance of the speaker of the amp rating of the speaker impedance to decide, but the speaker impedance than the pure concept of the impedance of the speaker is much more complicated, because the sound of the speaker is more varieties, high, medium, low the speaker can't be exactly the same performance, and combined with frequency divider and enclosure structure and materials, and many other factors, so on the analysis of the speaker impedance characteristics, need to consider many aspects.

2, distortion,

Same as above mentioned, the speaker of the internal structure of the diversity, also is composed of many factors, so its distortion when making speakers to listen to, not just from the speaker or a certain aspect to find the cause of the distortion, should consider multiple perspectives, the distortion of power amplifier output signal itself also cannot be ignored.

3. Rated frequency and effective frequency range

The rated frequency range of the speakers is generally specified in the product standard, while the actual frequency range that the speakers can reach is called the effective frequency range.

Generally, in an ideal state, the frequency range that the speaker can achieve is 16Hz ~20000Hz, but the actual frequency range that can be achieved is generally 40Hz~20000Hz.

4. Characteristic sensitivity

The characteristic sensitivity of the speaker is the same as that of the speaker, that is, the voltage of the pink noise signal equivalent to one watt of electrical power at the rated impedance, one meter from the reference point on the reference axis. The characteristic sensitivity is measured in microbar, and the characteristic sensitivity is measured in decibels.

In addition, according to international test standard GB9396-88 and GB9399-88 technical standards, and the loudest level, rated maximum noise power, rated maximum noise power such as indicators for a long time, due to the amateur creators relation with these indicators, and in the case of amateur is difficult to detect and therefore not introduced here.

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